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Financial Art Investments and Art Investment Advisory

Art Market Analysis, Art Appraisals, Art Valuations & Art Indexes

Financial Performance of Art Markets, Artists and Benchmarks

Fine Art Wealth Management Information on Art Investments

Art Prices:
Online art valuations of original paintings with the Painting Calculator. You can get an estimated art price range of your painting entering some base data. There are currently around 500 artists available in our artist database. Please note, that the estimates produced are not a guarantee of what the art objects will sell for.

Artist Price Indexes:
The most comprehensive analysis of individual artist risk & returns available anywhere. Our artist database contains currently more than 4‘300 artists. For more than 1‘400 artists, the hedonic artist performance indices - the risk, the return rates, and correlations to financial markets - can be queried online.

Art Market Price Indexes: 
The most comprehensive analysis of art collecting category indexes: the same financial investment data for all our predefined art market categories, art schools, and art price segments is online available. Our art market database contains currently more than 500 short- and long-term hedonic art market indices for many different historical time periods.

Art Investment Benchmarks:
All our art market and artist indexes are benchmarked online. Members can currently select 13 different benchmarks, including: S&P500, Moody’s Aaa Corporate Bonds, Gold, Real Estate, economic growth rates, and Sharpe ratios. Benchmarks help to assess the risks, returns, diversification benefits, and asset protection of art investments or art market portfolios.

Individual Art Market Research Reports:
All our art market analysis and art appraisals can also be requested for specific art objects, artists, art market categories, or art collections. Thus, they can be tailored to your personal art portfolio and art investment requirements.


Art Advisory, Art Financial Services, Art Insurance & Art Investment Funds

Art Advisory and Art Investment:
Acquisition and management of art collections and art as an alternative form of investment; art appraisals and art investments.

Art Financial Advisory:
Tax consultancy, accounting services, advice on legal and Art Insurance matters; art valuations.

Interim Management:
Freelance services for projects or interim solutions. publishes financial performance art index data on the global art market for professional art investments, art appraisals, art valuations, and offers individual art advisory services.
All information on this website is meant for your own personal use only. Any non-personal or commercial use of this information by any person or organization is not permitted without the prior consent of AFP.
Please note, that our art valuations and art market performance indexes do not warrant or guarantee that any particular sales prices or returns on art investments will be achieved in the future. 


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Art Investing and Art Market Transaction Costs
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The top 15 Painting Sales 2015

Art Market Transactions: The demand for high quality works has increased strongly. Artworks from prominent artists have fetched high prices at auctions and private sales

The relevance of Hedonic Art Market Price Indexes for computing art investments returns

Art Prices: The Relevance of Hedonic Price Indices, The Case of Paintings, Journal of Cultural Economics, vol. 20(1), pp. 1 - 24

Art Market Indexes from now on Thomson Reuters Eikon

Art Market Analysis: A selection of our hedonic art market price indexes, top artist and art market category investments since 1986, are on Thomson Reuters Eikon (ARTMARKETANALYSES)