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Art Investment Advisory Network and AFP Art Market Research

As an active member of the financial and art advisory community, AFP maintains relationships with a number of important associations and companies across the art market research and fine art wealth management industry in general. In addition to our customers and art market partners we also work closely together with these organizations.

Presently, AFP’s volume of B2B and B2G art market analysis subscriptions is much higher than the volume of B2C contracts. As a result, we are aware of the importance of maintaining good relations to partners, suppliers, and public authorities. Together with them, we constantly strive to provide the best possible art market research services to our customers for successful art investments.


Art Investors’ Network

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Dr. Alexandra Tianova, CEO, Head of Art Advisory & Art Market Analysis, Moscow Office

Alexandra Tianova is an expert on Russian and Modern Art. She has worked as an independent art dealer and joined later the Art Advisory Service. Alexandra holds a Ph.D. in History of Art.

Please feel free to contact Alexandra Tianova by e-mail.

Dr. Frank Forster, COO, Head of Finance & Econometrics, Zurich Office

Frank Forster has spent 15 years as CFO/COO of medium and large sized enterprises. He has researched and published on financial modeling and statistics. Frank holds a DBA in Finance.

Please feel free to contact Frank Forster by e-mail

Ron J. Wood, CSO, Head of Wealth Management & Sales Executive, New York Office

Ron J. Wood has many years of private banking and asset management experience, including financial advisory and wealth transfer services for high net worth individuals and families. Ron is a Certified Financial Analyst.

Please feel free to contact Ron Wood by e-mail