Art & Financial Advisory Services for Art Investments

Specialist for Art & Financial Performance (AFP) 

Artmarketanalyses.com is the first online provider of a wide selection of hedonic art market price indices for art investing and art appraisals. The development of hedonic indices for heterogenic goods has already started in the early 90’s. Each AFP art index reflects the performance of a single artist or a specific basket of several artists. The latter represents usually an art category, an art school, or an art price segment. 

The artist database consists currently of more than 4’300 artists and around 1.5 million executed art market transactions from public and private sales. Based on this data, more than 500 short- and long-term hedonic art market price indexes - the risk, return rates and correlations to financial markets - and around 1’400 artist price indexes can be queried online. The extensive hedonic artist database is constantly enlarged and updated; it is accessible through buying subscriptions. 

AFP calculates on request individual art market price indices for currently not or not yet online available art market performance data. Individual reports can be ordered for artists, for any art market category, for art investment funds, and art collections. 

Art Investment Advice:
  • Art consulting and acquisition of private and corporate art collections; art collection management including planning, budgeting and art inventory
  • Art valuations for insurance companies, tax authorities, or private transactions; art valuation
  • Art as an investment; art investment funds, and individual recommendations for asset management; art appraisal
  • Art dealing


Financial & Legal Art Advisory:
  • Art tax advisory; direct and indirect taxes, import and export of works of art
  • Support in financial reporting issues with respect to different domiciles; various regulatory frameworks, e.g. Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS, U.S. GAAP, HGB
  • Legal advice; including legal requirements such as art resale rights, money laundering, transfer of cultural goods, trust law, and contracts
  • Art Insurance Advisory
  • Art Funding issues
  • Compliance in the art market


Interim Management:
  • Bridging management gaps; line management positions and functions such as CEO, CFO, CIO, etc.
  • Project management in key areas of a company; process optimization, IT, controlling
  • Crisis management/deployment of task forces for special events and urgent situations; restructuring, business reorganization


Our hedonic art market indices and individual reports can be used for supporting financial decisions on art investments in general, for wealth tax fillings, or art insurance purposes.