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Professional art market analysis and art investing based on global art market price indexes and artist price indexes from AFP: www.artmarketanalyses.com.



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Investments in Artist Price Segments 2015

Investments in artists: the most collectible artists of each price segment, from high to low, including the net return rates and risks of investing in the segments’ top artists

Top Artist Investments 2015

Art Market Returns: the top 15 artists for financial art investments in 2015. The complete third quarter report including net return rates and Sharpe ratios is available now

The top 15 Painting Sales 2015

Art Market Transactions: The demand for high quality works has increased strongly. Artworks from prominent artists have fetched high prices at auctions and private sales

The relevance of Hedonic Art Market Price Indexes for computing art investments returns

Art Prices: The Relevance of Hedonic Price Indices, The Case of Paintings, Journal of Cultural Economics, vol. 20(1), pp. 1 - 24