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AFP for Art Market Research Services and Art Market Indexes


AFP (Art & Financial Performance) is active in the fields of art market research and Art Investment & Financial Art Services, maintaining two separate departments. The companies are currently active in the United States, Russia, and Switzerland. The Swiss entity (AFP Consulting GmbH) was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of Fps Consulting, which was founded in Zurich in 1999. Fps Consulting provides wealth management and trust services.

AFP is the first online provider of a wide selection of hedonic art market indices. The initial models for such art market indices have been developed in the early 1990s already. Each of our art indices tracks the performance of a specific "basket" of artists considered to represent a particular art category, art style or an art price segment. Additionally, artist price indices display the performance of single artists.

Hedonic art market indices provide transparency in the still highly decentralised art markets. They deliver the most accurate information in order to benchmark other assets. Thus, they are a powerful tool for developing art investment strategies and art valuations for artists, art portfolios and art collections. 


Art Market Research & Art Indexes

Our services are primarily aimed at art collectors, asset managers, trusts, insurance companies, art investment funds, public authorities, and museums. Our art market analysis provide art valuations and information about art as an alternative investment on the basis of returns on investments, risks, correlations to other asset classes and individual performance calculations.

Our hedonic art market indices can be used for supporting financial decisions on art investments in general, for art investment advice, wealth tax fillings, or art insurance purposes.


Art Investing & Financial Art Services

Following up on the facts and figures of the art market analysis department, we offer a range of complementary art advisory services. Thus, we actively support the management of art collections and we provide appropriate art investment advice to the corresponding customer segments on financial, tax and legal issues.
Additionally, if needed, afp consulting accommodates clients with Interim Management, Project Management and Expertise regarding SMEs in different situations.

Our art consulting services and individual art market research reports can be used for supporting financial decisions on art investments in general, for wealth tax fillings, or art insurance purposes.


In both entities, our teams consist of qualified specialists in their respective disciplines. They will provide you with expert assistance, using a one face to the customer approach.