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Three different types of art market research subscriptions are available: Monthly, semi-annual, and annual. Choose a subscription on this page. They grant access to hundreds of artist price index, art price index, and individual art market research reports for professional art investment and art invjestment advisory.

The respective subscriptions are not transferable and intended for one user only. Unused analyses of the Starter subscriptions can not be cumulated and expire. Art market research subscriptions expire after 30, 180 and 365 days automatically. AFP will notify you before expiry so that you can renew your subscription.


Art Market Analysis Month Price per User*
Personal access to max. 5 analyses per day – Starter
1 USD 240
Personal access to all analyses – Basic
6 USD 890
Personal access to all analyses – Expert
12 USD 1`340


Individual art market research reports are available for visitors and members. They are not included in the subscription fee, and will be quoted separately or charged at the following rates  (Paintingpricing per art work, Artistperformance per artist, and Categoryperformance per art market category):


Art Market Analysis Requests Price per request*
Paintingpricing, Art Valuation 1 CHF 50.00
Artistperformance, Artist Index 1  
Categoryperformance, Art Market Category Index No sliding scale Individual offer


* All prices are net of 7.7 % Swiss VAT. Individual research reports are payable by credit card as well. Subscriptions and reports are delivered after your card has been charged successfully.