Privacy Policy and Disclaimer for using the Art Research Tools

Information and Content

This web site contains art market investing information for corporations and individuals interested in art market analysis and financial art services. The web site is composed by afp consulting GmbH (AFP). We have gathered the content according to our best knowledge and belief and endeavour to keep it up-to-date. In particular, we reserve the right to update and/or modify this data at any time and without prior notice, that is to say, we reserve the right to remove it wholly or partially from this web site without granting any refund. Please note that we cannot assume liability for incorrect or no longer correct statements, quotes, or descriptions and thereby expressively exclude responsibility for such.

In case of misuse of the information contained on the web sites or of the information systems they are based on, legal action may be brought against the persons responsible.


AFP assumes no liability for offers made via hyperlinks to other web sites. We cannot assume responsibility nor liability for the content of other web sites linked to ours via hyperlinks.

Data Privacy Protection

We adhere to the regulations set down by the Swiss Federal Law on the Protection of Data. AFP treats all data obtained via the Internet confidentially. Personal data that has possibly become known to us will be kept secret, privacy will be respected and the information will be used exclusively for the purpose for which it was made known to us. Without corresponding approval, this data will not be made accessible to third parties, nor transferred to such in any form or manner.

Rights over Immaterial Property

Trademark law may protect logos AFP used on the web sites. In such a case, they are the property of the respective company. Therefore, third parties may only use them, under the provision that they have obtained the approval of the company concerned.

Pictures, photos, graphic charts, art indexes, texts and data published on the corresponding web sites of AFP may only be used with the approval of the company concerned.

Offer and Contract

Offers on our web site are expressively marked as such. By agreeing to such an offer, you declare having read and agreed to the terms & conditions and the legal terms listed there. Here too, the following applies: AFP's offers may be updated and/or modified, that is to say removed entirely from the web site, at any time, without informing or giving prior notice to the customers or the interested persons.

Generally accessible information which cannot be and is not explicitly described as an offer does not constitute such. Therefore, in such cases, no kind of contract whatsoever may be concluded.

The content of this privacy policy and legal disclaimer is a supplement of our general terms & conditions stated on the website.