Individual Art Valuations Individual reports are charged separately. Please see the Subscription section for the rates applied.

Artmarketanalyses.com provides art valuations for items that are of a type and value typically sold at public art auctions. The basic level of price determination indicates an estimate of the current art market value of a painting, sculpture or print. Our art valuations are suitable for suggesting art selling prices, or indicating possible insurance and tax values. 

Please note that all art valuations are provisional and subject to revision on personal examination by a specialist – an art appraisal. Art appraisals are a more complex – and therefore more expensive – procedure than art valuations. Usually, the appraiser wishes to inspect the artwork, particularly, if condition or attribution appears to be at issue. We do currently neither make art appraisals nor art valuations on unknown artists for visitors of our homepage. However, our art valuation department can sometimes suggest an appropriate appraiser as part of an individual art valuation report. 

Individual art valuation reports contain basically the same information as displayed in our Free Demo and Membership section: an estimated art price range of the art object, sample images, and performance numbers of the artist. 

Please fill out the forms below – you can transfer several art valuation requests by pushing the Add painting button – and we will get back to you with a quote. You may add additional information on condition, provenance of your art object, or literatures relating to it, in the comments field. Additionally, pictures of your art object can be attached. 

Any property submitted under this service must be owned outright by the party seeking an estimate of value.

Individual Estimate
Please convert your acquisition price, if any, into USD using the FX rate of the year of purchase.
Please indicate the history and place of purchase; examples are public auctions, galleries, private purchase and so on.

Please describe the technique used to create the art object. You may also check our Knowledge Section – Technique & Media for further details.
Please describe the support of your art object. You may also check our Knowledge Section – Technique & Media for further details.
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