Individual Artist Price Indexes for Art Investments Individual reports are charged separately. Please see the Subscription section for the rates applied.

Our econometric department calculates also individual hedonic artist indices according to your specifications. You may want to have calculated an artist price index which is currently not yet available on our site, or which does not match your individual art investing horizon needs. 

Individual artist performance reports contain basically the same information on artists as displayed in our Free Demo and Membership section: the artist price index, the annual return rates, the (geometric) average return rate for the investment horizon selected, and the risk of the art investment. 

Please complete the forms below – you can transfer several individual artist price index requests by pushing the Add artist button – and we will get back to you with a respective quote.

Individual Estimate
Please indicate the year of birth (or life span) of the artist who should form the artist price index.
Please indicate the investment horizon (e.g. 2002 to 2012) for which you want your art market index to be calculated for. The first year is the base year (100 %) of the index.

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